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What do your workshops cover? Why would I need to do one when I can, like you say, find out anything I want to online?

posted 16 Oct 2010, 21:17 by Jess Maher

While everyone already potentially has access to all the resources they require to achieve pretty much any goal they have set, sometimes it can be difficult identifying the best ones, or working out where to find them or how to go about using them. In consultantions with businesses, we emphasis the individual context and objectives as an important part of the environment which any social media policy or strategy might be excecuted. It is critical to understand the significance of customisation and individualised approaches to any social media use. Unfortunatly, or maybe fortunately, there is no one size fits all solution to the best strategies or approach to your social media use. The solution must be customised depending on the problem it is solving, the context in which it is found and the objective with which it is undertaken. So while we guide, direct and discuss social media use, plans, policy + strategy on a number of our sites, users and viewers must ensure a very personalised approach is adopted wether they focusing on the individual, organisational or governance levels of social media use. For this reason, we provide a number of services aimed at ensure a wide range of accessible solutions for our clients. 

We have online discussion forums and blog updates, collaborative community workshops focusing on different levels of focus and also indivudal client consultation services. Specialising in social media planning, policy + protection; our business development and advisory services aim to get clients more comfortable and effectively achieving thier objectives, utilising social media as an effective and cheap tool to do so in large number of cases. While we have provided individual level consultation over and above our workshops + presentations, the majority of this has been focused on providing 'clean up services' in the legal, managerial, brand or individual reputation management type areas after the significance and reach of the potential risks of social media use have actually been realised or experienced by our clients. We are hoping and are gradually experiencing more people and users become aware of this risk and potential for damage beofre it is too late, hence our workshops!