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What is Social Media?

posted 16 Oct 2010, 21:08 by Jess Maher

Social media is a broad term used to describe a shift in traditional communication trends increasingly evident alongside changes in mainstream society. As the general public show greater acceptance + intergration of tools + technology brought to us from the virtual world, our realities + societies are having to change more + more to accommodate them.

In recent years, the enormous popularity of social networking sites (SNS), particularly + more recently the rapid rise of Facebook, have continued to rock the foundations of the traditional media world. While mass medias; such as tv, newspapers + radio, have for years been able to feed society whatever they deem worthy, in today's world, they have no where near the same amount of value.  

 In the modern world, especially in one where the majority of the population are connected through SNSs (75% of kiwis have a profile on Facebook), we all have a voice.

By Jess Maher, 2010